Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farmingdale High School Green Fair

The Farmingdale High School Green Club

I was introduced to a beautiful, energetic young woman named Kirsten.  Kirsten goes to Farmingdale High School and invited me to participate in their Green Fair. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and I enjoyed all the festivities, meeting her classmates and talking about my soap with them.

The Owl
Spinning yarn into thread

The Hawk

Face Painters
Key Club
Relay for Life

Farmingdale High School National Honor Society

The New Students (

I had a great time in the beautiful weather, listening to a great band called The New Students, and meeting all of Kirsten's friends. They were all so full of life and working hard to do what they can to bring awareness to our environment.  There were lots of raffles and homemade food being sold to support different charities.  Sort of makes me hopeful for our future. Thank you Kirsten for the invite. 


  1. What a lovely day! I am so intrigued with all of it, especially spinning yarn into thread. What a useful art. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The craft of spinning was so interesting to watch. She was a very talented woman.