Monday, April 23, 2012

My friends through technology

My friend Ginger Mincey Moore ( posted this on my Facebook wall recently.
"I am supposed to pick 12 women who I've gotten to know online (never met) It's funny we have never really met, cause when I see your Facebook symbol, I think "There's my buddy!" I think that if this awesome group of women were ever to be in a room together, there is nothing that would be impossible.
I Know I chose the right twelve. May my hugs, love, gestures and communications remind you how special you are, there for each and every one of us, now send this to 12 women (or more) (u can copy & paste) within the next 5 minutes ..... and remember to send this back to me, I count as 1 ..... you'll see why. REMEMBER: THIS IS FOR ONLINE FRIENDS ONLY, WOMEN YOU HAVE NEVER MET.Love you (((HUGS))) ♥"
This started me thinking of all the people technology has made it possible for me to meet.
Ginger would be my technology Facebook friend.  I know she loves coffee (gotta have my cuppa..), loves her little man (son) and writes with a southern accent.  She makes me laugh and I can't believe the energy she has. She lives in Tennessee and the next time I'm down there (and trust me Ginger, I will be), I'm stopping by her house for some sweet tea. (Sorry, I don't do coffee)
Donna Maria Coles Johnson ( is my technology podcast/webinar friend.  Every week or so, dM has some kind of information session online for her Indie members.  Her children will sometimes run around behind the camera, and it's fun to see her "at home" side.  I've learned dM is approachable and without technology, I would have never had access to her wealth of knowledge.
My next technology friend is someone I did meet once, but got to know through emails.  Fran Grillo ( and I went to a NY Indie meeting and sat at opposite ends of the table. I don't remember who emailed who first. I do know I found a comrade, someone who struggles with technology as much as I do. We can laugh at how hard we find some things that others seem to pick up quickly, and I don't feel so alone.  
Which brings me full circle.  This technology I struggle with has also blessed me with knowing people I would have never had contact with in my everyday life.  And this is good. 

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