Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scrubz (or Indies Rock!)


I officially met Roberta Perry of Scrubz a year ago, but we have both been members of the Indie Business Community for a while.  Her store is about a mile away from my house in Bethpage, NY. Scrubz specializes in sugar scrubs, and also carries body butters, oils and other products, in 26 fragrances.  They do children's birthday parties, Ladies Night parties and are also Very generous in giving back to the community. Over the past year I would stop in, say hello and sometimes ask for Roberta's advice.  Even though she was busy, Roberta always had a smile and some kind words for me.  She introduced me to her partner and sister Michelle, and I quickly had another friend.

Roberta with her great smile!

A few weeks ago, Roberta said she was thinking of carrying handcrafted soaps in her store and could I stop by with a few? I dropped off one of each and she and Michelle decided to carry Goat Milk, Honey-Oatmeal, Lavender-Lemongrass from my Classic Line and and Piper from my Laney Line soaps. They are beautifully displayed in a basket and I'm So excited to tell people they can now pick my soaps up at Scrubz!

Alegna Soap at Scrubz!

I'm grateful to Roberta and Michelle for so many things. Carrying my soap in Scrubz is the icing on the cake. Roberta and Michelle were willing to answer my numerous questions about running a business. You name it, I asked it and they freely answered.  They were very open about mistakes they made and things they did to help them become as successful as they are now. For someone like me, who has no business experience, their guidance is a blessing. I value their opinions and treasure the friendship I have with them, as I treasure the friendship I have with all my Indie friends. Indies do Rock!

Thank you Roberta and Michelle!

Yours in Gratitude,


  1. Nice post -- you had fun with Roberta. Everyone does!! She's such an inspiration to all of us Indies and creative people. Very cool that you live so close to her -- I didn't know that. One of my dreams is to visit Roberta's store -- maybe one day. Thanks for sharing your fun.

    1. The store is beautiful and always busy. It is wonderful to have someone like Roberta so close to me. If you do make it out to visit Scrubz please let me know. I will come by to visit also and invite you all over for lunch/dinner. I make a mean chili...

  2. This is awesome!! Congratulations on being in Scrubz! I'll have to stop in the next time I am in New York!

    1. Thanks Katie! I hope the next time you are in NY you come to visit me too!