Monday, October 14, 2013

Gratitude List 10.14.13

1. The elderly man in front of me in Waldbaums, who moved very slowly and wanted to chat while I was on line picking up some things on my lunch hour and in a hurry. He reminded me to slow down, have patience and to be kind.
2. A weekend in the Rose Island Lighthouse, spending time with Brian just watching the waves, walking the island, napping and reading.
3. After a weekend of using an outhouse, I have a new appreciation for indoor plumbing. (See above)
4. A visit to Providence Perfume to see my friend Charna's new store, and  Brian's patience while I spent 3 hours catching up with her and smelling all the great natural perfumes and essential oils/absolutes/resins/concretes she uses to make them.
5. Coming home to find that Kelly from Amourteta wrote a blog on my products! What a nice homecoming!

What are you grateful for this week?

Yours in Gratitude,


  1. It was so wonderful visiting with you Angela! I felt melancholy after you left as I had such a good time talking with you and forgot how amazing you are to spend time with. Missing you more than ever. Thanks again for visiting the shop and chatting scents with me.

    1. I also had a wonderful time and was sad when we had to leave. Your mom is a sweetheart for occupying Brian while we caught up!