Thursday, November 1, 2012


Many large tree limbs in our backyard.  A ton of shingles blown off our roof. A leak in the ceiling. Internet out for three days.  We were the lucky ones.  Over 80% of Long Island is without electrical power. The school building I work in is being used as a shelter for the Red Cross. My brother-in-law still can't get to his home in Mastic. Friends in Lindenhurst say their neighborhood is gone.  Everything in their house was destroyed but their house still has a foundation, many of their neighbors houses don't. Friends in Freeport lost everything, the water came up to the second floor of their home. This is the third day after Sandy wreaked havoc with us and it doesn't look like things will be getting better soon.

One of the tree limbs in my backyard

So today I am grateful for my husband who already has re-shingled the roof, the Internet that I usually take for granted, the empty bedrooms I can offer to my friends, heat, hot water, hot food, electric, and the fact that although there is a lot of property damage here, everyone I know is safe and healthy. I hope you are too.


  1. Whew! So glad you are OK. My heart goes out to the people who lost their lives, or lost their homes and livelihoods.

    1. Thanks dM. We really were very lucky the damage wasn't worse.

  2. I’m glad that everything is okay with you. It surely was an unfortunate disaster, and it was a big blow for homeowners and properties. Many homes were flooded and some roofs were torn off from the structures. It is hard but everyone must pick up the pieces and start again. Also, we should prepare ourselves and our properties for this kind of events.[Joanne Barragan]