Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Dad - Part 2

Five things I am grateful for this week.

My sister and my dad.

1-All the friends, acquaintances and even strangers who prayed for my dad and my family.
2-A pathology report that says they got everything.
3-The skill of the entire surgical team that operated on my dad.
4-My two sisters, who I can depend on to share the joys, burdens and craziness of my family.
5-The Au Bon Pain in the lobby of the hospital, especially their chocolate croissants.

And today I am especially grateful for one more thing.  My dad comes home tomorrow.

Yours in Gratitude,


  1. So grateful for the good news! Yay! Go Carillo family!

    1. Thanks Marla, for the prayers, for sharing my joy and for your friendship!

  2. Such wonderful news Angela. Will continue to keep you all in prayer. Hopefully he'll be back to making your soap molds & such real soon. :)

    1. Thank you Maureen. Most patients give the nurses chocolate or cookies when they are in the hospital, my dad's nurses got soap. And then I told them how my dad makes the molds and drawers and racks for me. He was a mini celebrity on the floor! He has such a great attitude, and we are so grateful for the speed of his recovery!