Friday, March 22, 2013

My soap studio

I thought you might like a look into my soap studio. I enjoy showing it off!

This is the awesome stainless steel table I bought off Craig's List where I make my soap, and the stove my niece gave to me when she remodeled her kitchen.

This is where the soap sits for 24-48 hours in the molds after I first make it. Sorry, no soap there now!

Here are the drying racks my dad made for me. (He made all my soap molds too! Thank you Dad!)  The soap sits here for 4 weeks so water can evaporate and the soap can continue to cure.

Once it has finished curing, I label and wrap my soaps here. For those of you who noticed the Everclear on the shelf, no, it is not for drinking.  It's for perfume making!

My soaps that are finished and waiting to be sold.

More drying racks and the shelves where I keep the orders that going out.

A shelving unit where I keep my supplies, molds, and batches ready to be made. My husband helps me pour the organic olive oil into cleaned and dried orange juice containers so I can pour it easily. Those oils are Heavy!

My desk area for computer work, and the dreaded Quickbooks.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Yours in Gratitude,


  1. Lovely spacious soap studio, and so neat.

    1. Thank you Cynthia, I am so lucky to have all the space I do.