Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rose Patchouli Soap

Geranium Rose Patchouli Soap with Rose Clay

My friend Charna of Providence Perfume makes the most amazing natural perfumes. I love them all. In the winter, when I like a heavier scent, I am partial to Rose Boheme. The website description of this perfume says "A decidedly bohemian rose scent created with rich aged patchouli, fir, red tea, rare white rose essence, agarwood, saffron, turkish rose and artisan rose petal infusion."  It won the Best Natural Perfume award in 2012.  I wanted to make a soap that would work with the perfume. I blended Geranium Rose and Patchouli essential oils and added some pink clay for color.  I didn't get fancy with this soap, no layers, swirls or embeds.  I was focused on the scent alone. My result is nowhere near Charna's masterpiece, but it smells great and I like to wash with it before wearing Rose Boheme.

Yours in Gratitude,


  1. The earthy rose color is beautiful!

    1. I got that rose color with Brambleberry pink clay with a little red clay in there also. I am loving the clays.